Thursday, 28 June 2012

Can't shake the feeling I'm being followed...

 (My apologies for the lame title, this post should explain it somewhat. Ish.)

The elusive Popcorn Ninja is mysterious no more! Well, sort of.

I decided to put my twitter updates at the side of my blog. I only recently made an account, so if you want to follow me, please do.

It shall henceforth be known as the 'stalker box'. Ta da!

Well, I'm bored now.


Monday, 18 June 2012

It's too early to deal with wasps

It seemed like a normal Monday morning. I knew that I would have to get up early, as my mum needed to know that someone was awake as she had to take my brother to karate. So, half asleep, I dragged myself out of bed and downstairs, said goodbye to my mum, and decided to get some breakfast.

As I chomped away at my toast, I suddenly heard a weird buzzing coming from the other end of the living room. Confused, I glance towards the noise, and realise that someone had let a wasp into the house. The majority of the noise it was making was because it had decided to repetitively fling itself at the lightbulb. Don't ask me why, I'm not a bug. I don't understand their crazy impulses.

Anyway, once I regained my sight from looking into the light from the lightbulb, I realised something. I am incredibly afraid of wasps.

Next thing I know I'm unlocking the patio door to get out of the living room, as I wasn't going to risk my life by walking underneath the wasp's line of fire to get to the other door. I then spent the next ten minutes of my life standing, with bare feet on the damp patio, holding the door open in hopes that the wasp would eventually get a concussion and float out the room.

Then I came to another realisation: I was still in my night clothes. For all the neighbours to see.

I can't imagine what was going through their minds. I suppose it would probably involve the words 'insane', 'odd' and 'stupid', combined with a lot of eye rolling.

In a lame attempt to cover up the fact that I was forced to leave my house because of a bug, I tried to get back into the house through the kitchen door, but to my dismay I found that the keys were in the wrong side, and I couldn't get in. -_-

So, I decided that I would just act like I came outside to look at the pwetty flowers and pretend that I was just so excited to see them that I didn't have time to get changed.

Or get shoes on.

After I almost froze and bored myself to death by looking at the same patch of compost ten times, the wasp finally decided to leave.

I'm not sure whether this embarrassing incident is going to be an indication as to how the rest of my week is going to go...

Wish me luck.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Happy Jubilee! (& goal update)

I didn't do very well at updating every day, did I?

I've decided that I'll do a weekly summary of my accomplished goals, as I'm worried that I'll have no time for my other posts. I hope this is OK with you guys, please feel free to leave a comment below (if you have something to say about it, that is).

I promise I'll have a much longer blog post tomorrow, as I'm going to London to see the Jubilee carriage procession!

It should be really exciting!

To finish this unusually short post, here's a gif I found of the Doctor Who episode featuring the Queen's coronation:

60 years on the throne - cheers! Happy Jubilee :)

- Hopefully the next post will be more interesting... -

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Summer: day one & sloths!

Today was my first day of the summer challenge. My aim for today:

Tidy my bedroom.

It may not seem like a big task, but if you knew the state of my room, you'd applaud my courage and determination.

You see, my room is usually tidy, as I'm a bit of a neat freak, but this morning I only really noticed how messy it had gotten. There were clean clothes piles everywhere, stacks of schoolwork, and a billion revision posters stuck to my walls. So, needless to say, I had to do something about it.

I'm not going to bore you with the details of how I tidied my bedroom, I'm just here to say that I did it. Yes, I know, I'm amazing. There's no need for the applause. Really. Stop.
It's not that impressive.


Anyway, I spent the rest of my day listening to songs on Youtube and relaxing. I know that I said that I was going to be really productive this summer, but give me a break, ok?  My mind is currently mush due to the amount of information I crammed into it for 10 exams. I feel like I'm seeping knowledge. In a non-weird way.
Basically, I need some time to do nothing.

I wish I was a sloth. Then I wouldn't be expected to do anything.

Do you think that this sloth looks evil? A cute evil, mind (aww).

And now, due to my new found sloth abilities, I am going to end this post and possibly go to sleep. Goodnight.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I'm back!

This is kind of awkward...

In my last post, I promised that I'd be back after my holiday, ready to fill your summer with randomness. Problem is, I didn't keep to it. For over 10 months.
I honestly feel awful. I have no excuses for abandoning you guys. In fact, my only explanation is that I was very lazy that summer, and blogging was the last thing I wanted to do. Then when the new school year rolled around, I couldn't fit in any time to blog.

So, I'm sorry. I truly am. In order to express my apologies, please enjoy this random drawing of a face I drew on Paint:

I never said it was a good drawing...

But, I have decided that this year will be different. Tomorrow I will start my summer holidays, because today I...


All of my GCSEs are done and dusted, and I am free for the longest summer holiday ever
So, in order to be much more productive than I was last summer, I have created a plan. Basically, I will aim to accomplish one thing each day, every day, for the whole summer. I hope to keep you guys updated on that, by blogging about it daily, in order to make me stick to it.

Well, I have to go now, so I will blog tomorrow! See you.
Please comment and check out my other blog, based on my quest to write a novel. Thanks!